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SmartBomb Drop Eminent

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The signals are back.

The same benevolent Gamma vibrations as before are reading higher than ever on the deep space instruments. Get ready for warning klaxons and massive disruption: Gamma Singularity’s SmartBomb EP, his sophomore release, will be releasing very soon.

Gamma has been hard at work in the lab, and the resulting tracks are next level incarnations of the Gamma style, actualized into music. Prepare yourselves for a 4 track release, with 3 fresh tracks on beats from a new cast of producers alongside a re-recorded, remastered version of a Gamma-Produced original from the first EP.

In the mean time, please enjoy the tease I’ve created in a re-release of Starter from the Challenge Accepted EP. Here is a rerecorded, remastered version of Starter recorded in the same session as two tracks from the soon to release Smartbomb EP. I know you remember rocking starter jackets for your favorite teams in the 90s!

But it goes beyond a slick remaster on youtube: I’m on TWITCH as well now!

That’s right! Your favorite outer space emcee and DJ is going LIVE! Now you can tune into me periodically DJing, Gaming, Maybe even performing some of my upcoming songs online! I have links to my Twitch channel at the top of the site, and here. Stay tuned in to be a part of a series of upcoming Live DJ sets leading up to SMARTBOMB EP’s megadestructive drop date. Time to get started- getting excited that is!