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News from Gamma – 978 The Vibes

The signals emanating from the Gamma Sector had gone quiet.

For far too long, nearly two completions of Earth’s orbit around Sol, the transmissions that foremost scientists and listeners could only place as sourced somewhere deep in Gamma Space had become too faint, and all but disappeared.

Then, All at once- a new signal.

The broadcast is being sourced with telemetry to airwaves from a known source deep in friendly territory: Massachusetts’s 978 Area code.

Further experimental and observational efforts have pinpointed the source to a structure atop University of Massachusetts; Lowell’s Fox Hall.

This can only confirm the most heartfelt hopes of hip hop heads, DIY Scientists, lost children of the beat generation, and keepers of the real: Gamma Singularity is Back, as Gamma Singularity, at WUML Lowell 91.5 FM.


I, Gamma Singularity, am thrilled to be bringing you a weekly hip hop radio show, as a community contributor at WUML Lowell 91.5 FM. At 11 AM, Get ready to act like you already knew, it’s 978 THE VIBES!

That’s right! 978 The Vibes: Real Undeground Hip Hop Radio for our Region! For one hour each sunday 11 AM to noon, I plan to bring tracks to FM you won’t hear anywhere else on the dial, including those created by voices from our own hip hop scene! Lowell, 978, New England, and Beyond!

I am reviewing my first episode as I write this message. I have poured my heart into this mix, and I plan to do it again for every episode. Tune in and hear for yourself Sundays at 11 AM EST at 91.5 FM in the Merrimack Valley, or anywhere else online at