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Just Getting Started

Gamma is back to tell you what Diddy told you already: WE AIN’T GOING NOWERE…

That’s right. If last week was any indication, with listeners across the country and slaps from artists local and beyond, I Gamma am indeed only beginning to turn hip hop radio on its head, like a bboy busting power moves, the way it should be. And Like Diddy Said, it’s BAD BOYS for LIFE.

Tune in TOMORROW, that’s right, June 5 2022, 11 AM – NOON EST, 91.5 FM Lowell in the Merrimack Valley and beyond, for 978 the VIBES episode 2. More of that new new hip hop you can’t hear on the rest of the radio, along with real live local hip hop, once again including Speak the Rebel, this time alongside Weapon E.S.P., and a special new track from WUML’s long time friend Freddy Lapps. More New tracks from across hip hop, more voices and wisdom you might not have ever heard, tune in for all of this and more. You know the VIBES