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Signal Amplitude Increase

The Gamma signals are proliferating. Signal readings are off the strength orders of magnitude higher, louder, lifting at increasing rates. Amplitude is building. Dead Ass.

Taken at Gamma Singularity’s first EP Debut Show, 4/11/2019

978 the VIBES, Gamma Singularity’s new hip hop radio broadcast every week 11:05 AM to noon EST on 91.5 FM is now two episodes in, and is only building momentum. The mixes for 978 the VIBES’ first weeks were very well received, and delved into sides and cuts from across hip hop, from deep cuts to cutting edge, with emphasis on new tracks you can act like you already knew about. If you haven’t already been tuning in, be sure to get in on the jams on Sunday Morning, at 11:05 AM EST, whether you are in the 978 and can tune into 91.5 FM for the VIBES, or if you are like some of our listeners out of state, you can tune in at Don’t be alarmed when you hear wonderful portuguese language Community radio before the illness takes over at around 11:05 AM. It gets Extra ill this week.