You are currently viewing Gamma Singularity in Deep Concentration – Of another kind…

Gamma Singularity in Deep Concentration – Of another kind…

You may have noticed a lack of Gamma Vibrations lately.

On the airwaves. On the live stream. On the blog, the social media.

Fear not Gamma Fans! I, Gamma Singularity, have been refocusing.

When I took on 978 the VIBES and began livestreaming my underground hip hop DJ sets, I was in a unique position in my life, with an unprecidented amount of free time each week to work with. In the time since, I’ve had a number of positive opportunities pop up in my real life alter ego (that’s right, Gamma gotta government ID too). I’ve been able to start working again after a period of unemployment, and I have a great opportunity to go back to school for a better educational credential coming up as well.

With this in mind, I’ve decided to take a step back from live Djing. As you may have noticed, 978 the VIBES, my volunteer community member contribution to my alma mater college radio station, WUML Lowell, have ceased to come on the air. I will still keep the door open to submit productions to WUML periodically, but for now, I do not have the bandwidth to continue producing 978 the VIBES regularly. This is because with the new opportunities I have taken on, the time commitment each week to select the show’s playlist, record each show in a continuous DJ set, edit it for potentially offensive material, ensure it is consistent with radio audio standards, and submit it, has just become too much. I do not want to spread myself too thin on my endeavors with Djing or with work or education.

But like I said earlier, Gamma Fans, Fear Not. I am not removing myself from this realm anytime soon. While I may not be as present as I was as I was initially discovering the platform, I plan to continue my DJ sets there in some form as I adjust to my new work and educational schedule in the coming months. With a busier schedule I hope to focus on shorter sets during times when the most people want to watch.

What’s more, I am going to be planning a release of original music to come next summer, 2023. This is the culmination of some intense thought and deep planning. Someone I consider a 978 and Lowell Hip HopMentor explained once the importance of a plan with releasing music as an artist, and I took this very seriously: thus I don’t want to force my music out prematurely. I plan to build a more substantial release for next summer with a plan to showcase my musical talent for writing, producing, and rapping alongside Djing.

I hope this helps to provide some clarity to where I’ve been at lately. A lot of opportunities on my plate is a great problem to have; I feel blessed to have had the chance to rock WUML with some of the realest current hip hop local and beyond, and to peace out on good terms. I feel blessed to have such a great platform for underground hip hop DJ sets on, and I hope to get back to spinning there soon! Finally, I am really excited to show you all some really wild sounds on my original release next summer.

Until then, stay nice, and keep rocking to the Gamma Vibes in syndication on Spotify, Tidal, Youtube,, and wherever you have my music stored away. I will be sending out as many musical transmissions as possible, alongside continuous positive Gamma VIBES.

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