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SmartBomb: Fire and Forget Drops this week!

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With The Autumn Equinox approaching within a week, and on a special day, Gamma’s 35th Birthday, Get ready for the eagerly anticipated and awaited follow up to Gamma’s SmartBomb EP. This is Smartbomb: Fire and Forget: the music release Gamma Singularity has been building on and promising for years to come by the end of Summer 23. It is a brief but delectable taste of the honed craft Gamma has developed over time for hip hop culture and music while overcoming life’s struggles in big ways.

This EP also has some amazing features, with bars contributed by Joe GriZzly’s ShoTyme and Massachusetts’ one and only Speak the Rebel, not to mention the new classic beat that is Smartbomb from Romanian Music Genius Pele.

Follow this up with “Peaks”, a deeper, more introspective cut produced by Boomerang Kid, and the result is something hip hop heads will sure to let knock again and again. Gamma has even worked with the underground Legend Myster DL for recording, mixing and mastering on this project, so it’s certified to slap.

Check out Smartbomb: Fire and Forget, and while you’re at it play a few jams from the original Smartbomb. Do it for Gamma: it’s on all your favorite streaming platforms this week.