Debut Show at UnchARTed in Lowell, MA, 4/11/2019


Gamma has always loved music- specifically Hip Hop. He has fond memories waking up to Jam’n in the morning in the sixth grade and jamming to the current ODB and Method Man.

While he always could rock to most of the live music he could find, the rhythmic sounds of east coast boom bap always resonated with the young Gamma. By the time he finished high school, the aspiring young mad scientist had a music collection and listening habits that centered around the hip hop of the time- and of course, the classics. Gamma dug punk, hardcore, some of the faster metal subgenres, and most of the other rock his friends played, but the young Singularity knew from the legends of the 90s he connected with- Nas, GURU of Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, Hip hop was his culture.

As Gamma Singularity went on to the University of Massachusetts, Lowell in his hometown, he took the first chance he could to get involved with the University’s radio station: WUML Lowell, 91.5 FM. This gave him the chance to learn more about all different genres of underground music, including glimpses into the local metal, indie, hardcore, and punk scenes. Most importantly, however, WUML afforded Young Gamma the chance to host and DJ his own radio shows that featured exclusively hip hop. Gamma would eventually reach out to promoters for music to play, invite local artists on air, and create the station’s hip hop lineup as WUML’s Urban Music Director. This was a blessing as it allowed access to learn all about what underground hip hop had become in the late 2000’s, which turned out to be a very experimental time in the genre.

Thus, following graduation from University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Gamma Singularity came into existence.

Gamma Started as host of a podcast created for Producers United, a blog and artists collective that sought to bring cohesiveness to the growing hip hop scene of the era. At its height, this program would showcase local artists’ tracks periodically, and would earn considerable plays whenever it was released.

It wasn’t long before Gamma realized he had more to offer his genre than just commentary and selections; Gamma had something to say. With making a contribution to the culture at the core of his mission, Gamma Singularity puts his own style and mark on Hip Hop.

With an initial set of Short EP releases between 2018 and 2020, Gamma Singularity made a distinct, indelible mark on the Massachusetts Hip Hop Scene. In the time since, Gamma has only built up momentum toward future endeavors.

Gamma Singularity Returned to the airwaves via WUML and brings a new Era of Hip Hop back to Lowell, the Merrimack Valley, and Beyond via the web. Tune in Sundays at 11 AM for 978 THE VIBES, Gamma Singularity’s venture to bring you the best hip hop culture has to offer your ears every Sunday, Summer 2022!


Gamma Singularity is an MC. He represents hip hop not just as a genre of music, not just as the cultural behemoth it has become, but as its roots define it: the set of art forms and the culture uniting them that started in the Bronx and grew in the neighborhoods of similar cities the world over.

Gamma Singularity rocks the microphone as an MC to move the people.

Gamma Singularity is also a DJ. He represents hip hop culture in music by selecting the most vivid, vibrant, relevant music he can, and playing it with precise skill honed over years, to move the people, and honor the tradition left by the art form’s greatest.

978: Same Number, Same Hood.

Gamma Singularity seeks to bring concepts beyond the culture into the hip hop conversation.

Gamma Singularity is an accomplished mad scientist. He strives to emphasize the importance of scientific understanding, the use of the scientific method, critical thinking, and environmental science in much of his art.

Gamma Singularity is a philosopher. Gamma seeks to bring his learning and practice with regard to actuality, awareness, perception, enlightenment, and Zen to the world in order to heighten vibrations, increase understanding, and of course, spread LOVE, like Biggie said.