SmartBomb Drop Eminent

The signals are back. The same benevolent Gamma vibrations as before are reading higher than ever on the deep space instruments. Get ready for warning klaxons and massive disruption: Gamma…

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‘Challenge Accepted’ on Spotify now!

The 4 original tracks of the Challenge Accepted EP can be heard now on Spotify! Search Gamma Singularity and proceed to bump said jams. Need more Gamma? Stay tuned…

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Challenge Accepted EP out NOW!

Gamma Singularity's long awaited Challenge Accepted EP has finally arrived! Check out our brand new online store to buy a physical copy today! otherwise, stay tuned for Spotify release info!

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Enter the Gamma Singularity

Greetings: This is the hub for all things Gamma Singularity. Here you can learn more about Gamma, the benevolent outer-space eMCee, and his music. Stay tuned for more, including…

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